From the Shop // Prayer Planner

I feel like my shop is getting so full but in reality I am still just in the beginning phases of developing most of these pieces. Like my Blog Planner I felt that a prayer planner would be appropriate. I have seen several different types of prayer guides/planners and none of them have felt quite right for myself. I decided to develop one that would fit me and my personal prayer/journal-life…

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


The Prayerful Year cover is printed on 120# gloss cover stock bound with a wire comb binding. The artwork is hand-drawn by myself, the font is a Kimberly Geiswin font.

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


I am so pleased with the color and quality of these. They are hand-bound by my local printing shop – they are just the best!

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


There are 12 blank month calendars so you can begin it anytime. Each month has a section to fill in special people to pray for during the month: Person in Leadership, School Personnel, Leader in my Community, Family Request, and Self Request. There is also a line in that section to put an emphasis on a character trait to work on for the month. The right hand section has lines to put a scripture to memorize/focus on for the month.

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


Each month has enough pages for 5 weeks (it’s hard to know how many weeks to cram into a month spread…). Each day has a few lines for Family Members and a couple for Dear Friends. You can either fill up the lines with your family if you have a huge one like me or you can use the lines to journal a quick prayer or request for each person that day. How you use it is up to you. My hope is that it will be super do-able and easy to fit to your personal style and needs.

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


The very first page has 5 lines to make yourself some goals for praying during the year! Awesome, huh?!

the Creative Jayne // From the Shop // Prayer Planner


The very last page I filled with lines so that you might look back and journal God’s moving through your life and your special people’s lives during the last year!

I suppose I should give a little bit of the back story on this. Like my name (Creative Jayne) there is a little bit of heritage built in here. When my brother and I were growing up my mom homeschooled us through our early years. During those years she began the very important task of memorizing Scripture and teaching us the importance of prayer. I remember her jotting down people to pray for during the month in a large 8.5×11 planner and then we had special people each day of the week to pray for. She had little cards with family and friends written and my brother and I would be so excited to draw a couple of names and pray for that person that day. I just loved the way she did it and you know how you just end up doing something because your mom does? That’s kind of how I felt with this, oh, I could have tried out a new planner/schedule/guide but it just wouldn’t be utilized to its full potential because I am so used to “how mom did it.” I decided just to make one for myself in a way that I thought would reflect my style, history and depth well enough to get used frequently. Kind of a fun way to honor my mom’s legacy/heritage/teaching/faith. 🙂

I have one of these going to my friend Faith at so she can review it and once she’s done with the review there will be a giveaway with a whole pile of goodies from me!!! I simply cannot wait to get this giveaway going but it is necessary to wait for a little while…be sure to subscribe via email to make sure you don’t miss out on the giveaway!

❤ Kayla

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