Tutorial // thanksgiving planner

The time is closing in quickly. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! I wanted to share a cute little planner that I have made for our Thanksgiving festivities. I don’t remember the original tutorial but I found a good, clear one for you to check out. Here is what my little planner looks like:

the Creative Jayne // tutorial \\ thanksgiving planner


I made a cute little slip-over wrap for it to hold it closed and from the planner I made the cute little menu to email to everyone as a reminder this year.

the Creative Jayne // tutorial \\ thanksgiving planner

This ^^ is what it looks like when you open it all the way up. It is made from a simple manila folder and decorated.

the Creative Jayne // tutorial \\ thanksgiving planner

I added little lists in each sections and the yellow-green things you see there, those are 2 halves of a letter envelope that I sealed shut and cut in half, it fit perfectly!

the Creative Jayne // tutorial \\ thanksgiving planner

I keep all of my recipes in the little envelope pockets and any pins that I find I print off and can either glue on the outside or cut up and stash on the inside.

Here is the tutorial for you, she did things so clearly I think I’m going to go back and check out her other videos to try and maybe do another tutorial post for you that way!

I hope you enjoyed that and found it useful. I sure do. I love my little planner because I ALWAYS forget what we do or who brings what and since we host naturally, everyone comes to me asking what needs to be done, what they bring and what we did last year. It makes it really simple to pull out and have at my finger tips. AND – I haven’t lost it yet, it’s made it through two moves and I still can find it every year, perfect, huh?! Love it!!!

the Creative Jayne // tutorial \\ thanksgiving planner

I hope you enjoyed this little fun craft project, it is quick, easy and so useful and can be used for all sorts of things. I even have one made for birthdays. I have a much bigger Christmas planner which I will share with you coming up but like I said, possibilities!!!

❤ Kayla

5 thoughts on “Tutorial // thanksgiving planner

  1. shelbylclarke says:

    Great little craft! Thanks for sharing! It’s just me and my husband this year, so our meal will be pretty small, we are making a chicken instead of a turkey just because it’s too much work and too much food to have a turkey, even a small one.


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