Holiday Shopping Guide

Yesterday I shared The Root Collective with you (how amazing are they?!) and today I thought on the same kick, before Black Friday begins I want to share some other amazing places with you! I follow a couple of other companies that give back to certain organizations or peoples from your purchases. What better places to buy from at Christmas time? Blessing the gift receiver as well as “the least of these.”

the Creative Jayne // Favorites gifts that give back \\ the Root Collective @kaylajayne14 @Kayla_J_Nelson

First I thought I would just give you a refresher on the Root Collective in case you missed it yesterday. They partner with Artisians from Guatemala, Kenya and Peru and from each item you purchase, a portion of it goes to your choice of several non-profit groups, Come Unity, Lemonade International and the Neema Project. Really, really neat missions and a neat way to give back through your Christmas buying!!!

the Creative Jayne // Favorites gifts that give back \\ the Shine Project @kaylajayne14 @Kayla_J_Nelson

Next up we have the Shine Project with which I have no connection except by following along on Instagram, I just think it is such a neat mission that they have. Your purchases here gives back to inner city American at-risk youth by helping to employ them as well as support their education. “Your purchase will directly impact a student. Even beyond financial support, your belief in them is a symbol of hope and trust that they can achieve what for so long seemed impossible. By purchasing Threads you are wearing more than just a bracelet, you are wearing change. Myself, my team of amazing interns, and 7 incredible student employees are proud to present to you Threads. The more bracelets we sell; the more kids we can employ; the more education we will help give to the future leaders of our country. And boy, are they going to be leaders.” Another just fabulous cause to purchase from!

the Creative Jayne // Favorites gifts that give back \\ @kaylajayne14 @Kayla_J_Nelson


And the we have Sevenly chooses a new organization frequently to support and $7 of every purchase goes to supporting that cause. All of their clothing as well as their fun little accessories give back to something. Their cause today is the Exodus Cry, an organization working against human trafficking. At Sevenly, all of their clothing has a meaning. The artists do just an mind-blowing job of creating something so beautiful and such a great reminder of the cause that you helped support. See the shirt on the bottom left of the little image up there? I don’t like skulls. I really don’t like them on my husband’s clothing, on my kids clothing or even on my clothing. I think it’s icky and unnecessary BUT that one right there?! I really like it. It’s not the “traditional” skull you normally see and there is so much depth and artistry to the meaning of it that I cave for it. I really do – the reminder that not everyone has it as posh as I do (you know what I mean) is just so strong through the small image of a skull in this case. All of their clothing is that beautiful. AND, they not only have clothing, they have fun little things like gift cards, child’s blocks, that amazing leather bound journal and so much more. Go check them out. There is no better way to Christmas shop than to buy for someone and support a cause!

And how about supporting a few small businesses?! First, we have Baylee Hart at Wimsey and Wanderlust, she has all kinds of prints for sale. They are breathtaking photos with amazing calligraphy on them. This one I just love for a sweet entry way vignette! (photo below)

the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Bailee Hart - Whimsey and Wanderlust @kaylajayne14 @kayla_J_nelson

Next we have the adorable Faith from Life of Faith and she has a sweet little shop called Daisy Designed. She has lots of Mommy and Me scarves, cutesy hair accessories for your little be-boppin tot and some fun chalkboard frames to delight your home with. (photo below)

the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Daisy Designed @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson

And then there is Holly Holt! She is just a beautiful artist, inside and out. Her shop is packed with goodies like physical prints, card packs, a printable planner bundle and amazing canvases! (photo below)the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Holly Holt Design @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson

Next up is Life Lived Beautifully. She has this gorgeous print available along with a few others. She also has “A God Sized Love Story” available. It is a 90-page book that she has written sharing her experience of God’s love. “Each item in the Life Lived Beautifully shop was created as an act of worship to the Creator of all things. Enjoy the shop, treasure your days and live life with beautifully for the glory of God!” Check it out!!!  ❤ (photo below)

the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Life Lived Beautifully @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson


THEN, Nicole Joelle Prints. I found Nicole through her 31 day writing challenge and she is just so beautiful and has such beauty to share and does so openly. Her shop is riddled with stunning wall art, prints and downloads for you to enjoy. How perfect is this for Thanksgiving?! (photo below)

the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Nicole Joelle Prints @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson


And last, but certainly not least, Thurston Post. I found Thurston Post through Instagram and her little shop is just oodles of fun! She has so much for packaging and gift-giving. She has sweet little bundles like the one you see below as well as separates that you can purchase to create your own style!

the Creative Jayne // shopping guide \\ Thurston Post @kaylajayne14 @kayla_j_nelson


I hope this helps give you some ideas of places to purchase from. They are some of my favorites and I love sharing them with you.

Of course, don’t forget that I have a few gift-able items available as well in the Creative Jayne Etsy shop! My devotional journals, Blog Planners, Prayer Planners and prints!

Happy shopping and remember, the real reason for the season is GIVING because Jesus gave so much to us!!!

❤ Kayla

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