Currently I am…

I was stumped as to what to blog about today. I didn’t get a chance to schedule my posts last week and I’m just not feeling the ones that I had planned out so when I found this fun list on Natalie Creates I thought it would be perfect for today!

Currently I am…

reading: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver and Growing Grateful Kids by Susie Larson as well as My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.
the creative jayne \\ currently i am
playing: Spirit Thing by Newsboys – old school I know! I have my Zune music playing…
watching: Hoarders: Collection – strange, I know but there’s reason to why I like to watch it. Another time though. 🙂
trying: to keep my mind off of the impending pain of childbirth as well as keep myself occupied in the waiting time. Aaaaaaand get my house in order for when I have no energy for cleaning at all. AND get blog posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks. Yay!
cooking: freezer meals. I have 17-20 in the freezer now, I’m not sure exactly. Plus they will have left overs so I have about 30 days worth of meals together.
eating: nothing at the moment but for breakfast I had Raisin Bran Crunch! Yum!
drinking: Sparkling water. Anything that doesn’t have aspartame or artificial sweeteners in it, yuck. In the fridge now I have Disani but my preference is Klarbrunns.
the creative jayne \\ currently i am
calling: my mom or mother in law. basically the only people I actually call…or my husband. But typically he calls me on his way home. I only call him if he seems super late…
texting: Lindsey currently. My sister in law Caitlin last night. Oh and my mom has been texting me this morning. 🙂
tweeting: whatever I Instagram…I linked my accounts. Convenient, huh?
the creative jayne twitter profile
crafting: a nursing infinity scarf is the last thing I did. My sewing machine ate my bobbin thread as soon as I finished sooooo…that stalled my projects a bit. But, once I get over my anger at my machine I am going to do a sling wrap from this tutorial.
doing: scheduling blog posts.
going: to my 40 week prenatal appointment this afternoon and hopefully into labor tonight (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!) 🙂
loving: my new attitude towards my housekeeping and loving Jesus all the more for it!!! ❤
hating: the whole waiting for labor and delivery and false labors. Seriously, we thought we’d be going in Saturday night. Boooooooo.
discovering: a new found love for doing laundry. For the first time in our married lives, all of our clothes are washed, folded or hung AND put away. It feels amazing!!!
enjoying: life as a mom at home and not feeling pressured to “do business.” As well as a neat and tidy home right now.
hoping (for): Elliot to arrive soon (could you have guessed?!).
celebrating: being a mama of three boys. The progress in my life, marriage and mothering that God has done in each area and being able to see His hand there.
the creative jayne \\ currently i am
smelling: Fruity Pebbles. I bought a $2 wax melts at Walmart on Saturday and they smell JUST like Fruity Pebbles…I’m gonna have to change it out…Oiy.
thanking: Jesus for his vast blessings…
considering: what direction I want to take The Creative Jayne in and what I want the business around it to be.
finishing: artwork for my mini prayer journals for swag bags at a women’s retreat that Aly Allen called out for!
starting: or going to start in February (so I can start at the beginning of a month) my new Hubled Hearts Daybook! I am SO excited to start this. I have found some flaws with my own prayer planner so when I saw this one I couldn’t resist getting it!!! 🙂
the creative jayne \\ currently i am
What about you?
Hey Shelby Clarke, I think you should do this next – you’ve been nominated Girl!!!  ❤
Thanks for reading,
❤ Kayla

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