Family Mission Verse and Mission Statement

Two years ago my husband and I sat down and created a family mission statement sprung from a passage of scripture that we want to raise our family by and live daily life and standards by. I mentioned it in my Family Binder Blog Series and I wanted to share the actual verses and statement with you. Tomorrow I am going to share just HOW we did it so that you can do it with your family as well. I wrote this the day after we did it over on my poorly kept-up wedding blog.

“So last night Andrew and I sat down and wrote up a mission statement for our family.  It was really a sweet time for our hearts to connect together in the presence of Jesus.  The verse that I had on my heart was Hebrews 12:1-3 about running the race and fighting the good fight.  I began to think, perhaps God hasn’t given us a girl or maybe even never will give us a girl because the mission that Andrew and I have together is to raise strong men of God that stand up for Faith and take an active and fighting role in the Church.  What a blessed purpose.

The verse that was given to Andrew’s heart was even better,

Isn’t that wonderful.  We both loved the beginning phrasing, “but you MAN OF GOD.”  While our family so far consists of just boys, I just thought it was wonderful.  A charge from God.  Andrew said even a charge from him and I to our boys.  There is just so much power and I love it.  Here is our mission statement:
It was so fun to work on the wording, phrasing and elements of this together.  I just love it and am having a 16×20 print made of each to hang above our nook in the kitchen.  Thanks, Mom for the idea!”
I now have them printed and since we moved twice since my original post, they are hanging not in our kitchen nook but in our living room above the couch.
the creative jayne \\ family mission statement and misison verse
Hope you enjoyed this and were perhaps encouraged to do one for your own family!

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