Ideas for an Outdoor Summer Trunk Show

I have loved the ideas that Noonday has been sharing on their blog lately! Such clever ways to make a Trunk Show even more different than it already is and I wanted to share a few ideas to have a fun and creative Trunk Show.

I am always a fan of simple shabby-chic party decor like this:

via Eat Drink Chic

via Eat Drink Chic

Here’s a fabulous appetizer that is easy to make:

via Zucchini Appetizer by Simple and Chic Blog

Here’s a great summer punch recipe (I would substitute the 7-Up or Gingerale for Sparkling Water but I know that not everyone appreciates it like I do but it’s a good no-cal option!):

via The Chic Site

via The Chic Site

And for a FABULOUS dessert here are SUCH cute little pies that are so creative and different:

via The Sweetest Occasion

via The Sweetest Occasion

And if the outdoor ambiance isn’t quiet enough for you here’s a sweet, fresh, bouncy playlist for you to boogie to!

If that isn’t enough for you check out my pinterest board! I’ve got a few DIY projects on there and other great decor, display and food ideas!

If you’re interested in hosting a Trunk Show of your own, head here to learn more and get connected with an ambassador near you!


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