My Very First Stitch Fix

So my first ever Stitch Fix came in August… I know, it’s been a couple of weeks but I knew for sure I wanted to share it with you. Read on to find out what I received, what I returned and what I kept!

Ok, bear with me, these photos are kind of horrendous but I PROMISE they will get better with my next Fix. I did these in the midst of moving chaos, in fact I am impressed that I even found the box that my Fix came in…

Anyways, on to the important stuff…As this was my first Fix I wasn’t sure how things would go or be packaged or anything. First off they send you a mail bag and return label that you can EASILY return unwanted pieces in which is PHENOMENAL. They also send these fabulous little style cards with (see photo below). I chose to keep them Β all so that I could look back at what Shelby sent to me!


I LOVED everything about my Fix, EVERY piece. Unfortunately I didn’t have $200+ to spend on a few pieces.


So here we go, up first:


This dress: 41Hawthorn | Renesme Geo Cube Print Faux Wrap Dress – Returned

I LOOOOOOVED it but just didn’t have the budget for it at the time.


This shirt: Market & Spruce | Corinna Striped Dolman Top – Returned

I really loved this one too and was on the verge of keeping it but returned it. SHELBY SEND IT BACK TO ME IN MY NEXT FIX IF IT’S STILL AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yea, that’s right, Shelby’s my stylist!!!)


These pants: Margaret M | Emer Printed Cropped Straight Leg Pant | Returned

They just fit funny. Too short, too high, just kind of strange. I really loved them though!

The top: Sweet Rain | Birke Gathered Back Detail Blouse | Kept!

Love it so, so, so much!!! I wear it frequently. It makes getting dressed fun and easy because I can just grab it and wear it with anything.


And last but not least, this shirt: Le Lis | Leavy Lace Sleeve Knit Top | Kept!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It is perfect for these encroaching fall days. It is light-weight, comfy and stylish. GAH! I just love it and am currently wearing it actually! πŸ™‚

And there you go. I am so pleased with my Fix and can’t wait to get my next one! If you’d like to get your own Fix go here and sign up! If you don’t want to get a fix right away or aren’t ready to commit to it all the way, go and sign up and just choose to schedule your own fixes.

Have you had a Fix before? What’s your favorite piece?


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