Wear it Wednesday | Volume 12: #31daysofgettingdressed in October |

Greetings my fashionista friends! Thanks for joining us again on this lovely Wear it Wednesday! Shelby and I don’t have anything super exciting or earth-shattering to share with you but we are going to introduce you to what we will be doing this October.


Shelby and I actually met doing the 31 days writing challenge last year and will be joining in this year as well!

I originally was going to write all month about my struggle with weight, diet and workouts. After much thought I came to the conclusion that it would probably not be the most interesting thing for you, my readers to tag along on. But, in the midst of planning to do that Shelby and I discussed what we wanted to do with Wear it Wednesday and thought it would be fun to document what we wore each day and then share it with you!

We created the hashtag, #31daysofgettingdressed because each of us are making a goal to get up and get dressed each day rather than throwing on sweats. You’re welcome.31daysofgettingdressed

So, join us each day on Instagram to see what we wear via our lovely hashtag or head over here every Wednesday to see a recap of each week.

Stay tuned to Shelby’s blog to learn about her working from home and how she stays productive and be sure to hang out over here for all of your holiday party planning ideas!!!

What about you, what is one of your October goals?


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