day 7 – #31daysofgettingdressed weekly outfit recap

in place of our usual wear it wednesday posts, if you remember from last week, shelby and i are challenging ourselves over the month of october. | if you need a reminder you can head here or here. | so now, if you look up #31daysofgettingdressed on instagram these are the outfits that you will find there from my “get up and get dressed every day in october” challenge with Adventurous Shelby…


day 1:

wear it wednesday #31daysofgettingdressed with adventurous shelby and the creative jayne

chambray vest – local boutique, jersey sweater – target, toucan necklace – noonday collection, yogas and mocs – target

day 2:

wear it wednesday #31daysofgettingdressed with adventurous shelby and the creative jayne

kahki army vest – h&m, sparkly brown sweater – christmas from my mama, floral tshirt – len, silver jeans – local boutique

day 3:

wear it wednesday #31daysofgettingdressed with adventurous shelby and the creative jayne

scarf – fair trade boutique, sweater – hand-me-down (thanks am!!!), belt – no clue, yogas – gordman’s, fuchsia shirt – so old i have no idea, mocs – target

day 4:


scarf necklace – noonday collection, vest – target, sweater – stitch fix, silver jeans – local boutique, chucks – local mall, arm party – noonday collection

day 5:


scarf – noonday collection, sweater – target, jeans – the buckle, boots – taaarrrrrget? maybe… grey tshirt (that you can’t see but i’m wearing) – target

day 6:


vest – thrifted, sweater – local boutique (from my husband – story to come), silver jeans – local boutique, mug – brewtiful exchange

it has been a real challenge and stretch of my imagination this week. i have pushed myself to go beyond “just throwing  something on” and have instead been working at matching and pairing my clothes so i feel that there is variety and reason to the pieces that i have. it has also opened my eyes to what my closet is lacking in and what i should be on the look out for.

after april and signing up as a noonday ambassador my eyes have been opened to fair trade and shopping ethically and i have actually been sad when i open my closet and i’m like, “oh, i don’t know who made this or what conditions it was when this was made…” my goal from now on is to only shop local or ethical. i am so excited to fill my closet with love – pieces that i love and pieces that have been made with love. it’s an exciting adventure.

where do you shop? do you know who made your clothes?

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