day 14 – #31daysofgettingdressed weekly outfit recap

can you believe we have been doing this 31 days thing for two weeks already?! october is flying by! just as a reminder, from october 1st through the 31st Adventurous Shelby and i have committed to getting dressed every morning. it looks a little different for both of us…

shelby is a work at home fur mama and i am a SAH mama of 3 boys. for shelby, she is challenging herself to get dressed to make her days more productive. for myself, i am working on creating good habits for myself. i have been struggling with my weight since shortly after i got married (you can read some about it here.) and have also fought with self-disgust. for a long time i could not look at myself in the mirror. i did my brother’s wedding photos with a friend. kenna took all of the group shots and when it came time to editing, i couldn’t stand to look at myself long enough to do anything with them.

i have since found a new sense of identity through Jesus and have learned a lot about myself and how i lost my identity long ago and have been fighting to resurrect it through my Heavenly Father. over the last fourteen days i have found a comfort with myself (not necessarily my weight) but i have been challenged to look at myself everyday and post it online. if you’re anything like me you know how hard it is to post photos of yourself online that you aren’t 100% ok with.

but i’ve been doing it. and it has been helping me immensely. i have found myself being less stressed, less emotional and less overwhellemed simply by being able to look myself in the face through these 31 days. (no, you can’t see my whole face in all of them but consider that as another step in the right direction!).


Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…Jeremiah 1:5a

this. this right here is my identity. this is why i can go through the day and post a photo of myself that i’m not 100% ok with. because i have already been accepted. i have already been told, “daughter you are beautiful. it is ok to not look pinterest-worthy. i gave my Son for you, that in itself is enough.”

Day 7:


green sweater – thrift store | jersey sweatshirt – target | bethe rope necklace – noonday collection | brown belt – off of a bridesmaid dress | fleece lined leggings – thrift store | boots – target

Day 8:


green sweater – hand me down | yellow chiffon top – thrift store | white nursing tank – target | helena necklace – noonday collection | silver jeans – local boutique | mocs – target

Day 9:


army vest – h&m | black sweater – hand me down | red tshirt – walmart | rachel necklace – noonday collection | calypso earrings – noonday collection | yogas – target

Day 10:


lace kimono – h&m | tank top – kohl’s | velocity necklace – noonday collection | ecuador bracelet – noonday collection | linked horn bracelet – noonday collection | metric cuff bracelet – noonday collection | metallic pearls earrings – noonday collection

Day 11:


indigo scarf – noonday collection | lace sweater – target | navy tshirt – target | rock revival jeans – the buckle | mocs – target | water drop prism earrings – noonday collection

Day 12:


laura earrings – noonday collection | vest – thrift store | black sweater – hand me down | floral shirt – len | faceted glass bangle – noonday collection | ecuador bracelet – noonday collection | metric cuff – noonday collection | silver jeans – local boutique

Day 13:


northern summit scarf – noonday collection | lace sweater – target | purple tshirt – target | yogas – target

what do you need to hear about your identity today?

One thought on “day 14 – #31daysofgettingdressed weekly outfit recap

  1. Kathy Schwanke says:

    You are so beautiful Kayla! I’ve so enjoyed seeing your light shine as you’ve taken the steps you described. There is a new dignity I see and a sense of peace, which you’ve gained from facing the lies and walking in the truth.

    Thanking Jesus for you every day!!!

    Love you so!


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