day 23 – Planning a Cookie Exchange: Packaging

yesterday we talked about rules of the cookie exchange and today we will be talking about packaging your cookies. i mentioned that we did a little game of voting for best packaging last year and we will probably do it again this year, the ladies seemed to enjoy it!

31 days of party planning hosting a cookie exchange with the creative jayne2

last year i used old calendar pages and made small boxes for my cookies but oh-my-stars there are so many cute and clever options for cookies out there!!!!!

2014 cookie exchange_7

2014 cookie exchange_11

here are a few of my favorite ideas from pinterest (click on the photos to be taken to the direct location!)

i love the simple touch of gold stars on these cellophane bags here to make a big statement!

from made with love by me

from made with love by me

i’m a sucker for anything in a jar and i especially love the latched tops on these ones!



i just think this little cookie tin is a phenomenal idea, it is so simple and you can dress it up so easily!

from katie's kitchen

from katie’s kitchen

this paper plate idea is one of my favorites, so easy, resourceful and classic. you could use it for almost any kind of gift!

from it’s always atumn

and this one, how could you not pass up eating pringles just to have a tin for cookies:

from target recipes

from target recipes

i love each of these ideas for their simplicity and cost effectiveness. i think i will do the jar idea this year and just begin to stock up on thrifted jars and canisters.

how do you package cookies at christmas time?

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