how to combine boots and dressember

yesterday on wear it wednesday i shared a few stylish ideas for how to wear winter boots. since dressember has been on the forefront of my mind and boots came up i began wondering how i could combine boots and dresses to still look stylish. 

i know for a fact that i am going to have to fight every urge in my body not to just throw on a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt day after day after day in december so i have been scouting ways to wear comfy dresses in the winter.

it’s tougher than you’d think.

there just isn’t a lot out there for wearing a dress in cold weather. while andrew and i were dating you would frequently see me in a short dress and heels, even in the winter. we’d dress up and go somewhere “fancy” like applebees. the heat in his car stopped working on valentine’s day so instead of being sensible and wearing something warm we simply brought a blanket for my lap. yea. that’s me in a nutshell.

needless to say, dressember is going to be fun and bring me back a few years! although i am trying to be more sensible about it (you’d be surprised how sensible and sensitive you grow to be after becoming a mom…).

I put together a few outfits for you to get ideas from:


this one, a simple chambray shirt dress with some fleece-lined leggings, a blanket scarf and winter boots works well to be comfy, warm and sensible for the snowy days of december. i just ordered this chambray dress from after i found this pin for a dress from nordstrom’s for like $150…it’s darker and doesn’t button all the way down the front but i liked the sleeves and i always feel more comfortable in a darker wash – as much as i like the light wash.


(left from Nordstrom’s $142 – right from $14)

this next outfit is a simple one. i have a dress similar to this but less strappy. i’ll just layer it with a simple cardigan, oversized, boyfriend, lace, thick, pretty much anything. i even layered it with my stitchfix sweater over the top of it! i put faux leather leggings with it here and i am gonna have to get myself a pair, i LOVE them.


add a few noonday collection jewelry pieces and you have yourself a complete look! (shameless plug here: they have gift certificates available in $25 increments – they make perfect holiday gifts!!!)


this next outfit is a simple boxy dress layered with a cozy cardigan, fleece lined tights, scarf and winter boots. throw on a glamorous pair of earrings to top off the look. you could even layer a dress like the one in the previous outfit under to be even warmer!

next we have a nice church outfit. i love the pattern of this dress and the shape of it. i may have to invest…i love the long sleeves on this one because it gives you so many more layering options. i have a huge thing for puffer vests this season and i’m sure it will carry over into the winter months.


be daring and add a necklace with a pop of color and complimenting pattern to complete your look on top. layer over some fleece lined leggings and a pair of combat boots to make an all around complete look. you cold even add boots in the color that matches the necklace for an extra pop!


this look is a super cozy one and now i’m going to have to invest in a sleeveless turtleneck swing dress. i love it with a cozy, oversized sweater over leggings with a classic pair of sorels. complete the look simply with a pair of earrings and a complimenting bracelet and a fun hairstyle. when i have a turtleneck or a thick scarf i have to keep my hair off of my neck (hence my short cut) and if you need a great, simple, glamorous hair style go here to see noonday’s enchanted updo video!

so there you have a few great style ideas for doing dressember and wearing a dress during the snowy winter months!

have you signed up for dressember yet or made a donation if you can’t commit to a dress ever day? if not, go here and you can!!!

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