making envelope liners!

sometimes i forget how much i love to diy things or just be crafty. taking out my sewing machine the other day re-lit that fire in me to make make make things!

my sister in law came over the other day and we were going to begin making envelope liners for our christmas cards together:

christmas cards 2015 by the creative jayne

it really is so easy it’s kind of gross…ha!

  1. find some paper that you love.
  2. cut your paper to be the right size: ie our cards are 5×7 so i cut our papers to be 6×7. i could have done them at 7×7 but the layout on my paper worked better to be 6×7 and it doesn’t change anything. the key is to make sure that it shows on the flap of the envelope but doesn’t cover the glue.
  3. score or fold each one. i did a trial piece first, inserted it in the envelope, lined up the part that was showing to be just under the glue and folded the flap and liner together. i measured and scored the rest of them from there.
  4. (optional) you can glue the liners in if you’d like to but you don’t have to. they should stay in place just fine and it adds an extra and messy step. you could use a taper i suppose.

and that’s it! slip your liners in your envelopes, slip your cards in, seal, label, stamp and viola!

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