DIY Boxy Dress

i mentioned the other day that i’m totally wild about the new boxy dress fad and that i wanted to get into making my own again. well after the feed-sack dress i kept looking for other ideas and other materials that i had on hand.

i came across this adorable diy by cotton and curls:

her tutorial is really simple and i knew i could reproduce it easily. the instructions for her measurements didn’t work for me, they would have been REALLY HUGE, i guess i’m just proportioned strangely… but here’s how mine turned out:


my husband and i NEVER use the flat sheet on our bed so i just used that. yes mom, i did iron it before i took this, i just made the mistake of sitting in it before…

i did not end up doing cotton and curl’s sleeves, i figured i would mostly be wearing it under sweaters and such so there really wasn’t a point to going through the extra work although, i like it enough i thought about making another and i could add the sleeves to that. we’ll see.

it was so simple and so fun. i can’t wait to make more! i have a pile of lace that is waiting to be used for dresses too. 🙂

how do you feel about the new boxy dress trend?

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