wear it wednesday | volume 21: what i wore on thanksgiving |

happy wednesday friends! i hope you had a splendid december 1st. if you remember back a week ago, right before thanksgiving shelby and i shared some stretchy pants outfit ideas and the week before that we shared some classic thanksgiving outfit ideas. today we wanted to share with you what we ended up wearing in real life!


my husband and i host thanksgiving and i tend to overheat in a kitchen with the oven on, crockpots running and dishwasher washing not to mention running up and down steps with kids and chairs and all that so i have to think in layers as per usual.

last week i shared this outfit as a stretchy pants idea:

wear it wednesday stretchy pants edition by the creative jayne

i love this whole look and searched for a similar dress but couldn’t find a long sleeved one. this is what i ended up doing with the same idea in mind:

wear it wednesday what i wore on thanksgiving by the creative jayne

i found the dress at target in the clearance section for $13! i have been eyeing it since it came out in the beginning of fall/end of summer and snatched it up the other day! the sweater is a classic that i should probably pass on because it is even looking too small on me but it came from my mom for christmas a few years back. the leggings are fleece lined and they came from jane.com – a collection of boutique deals! boots are a find from a shopping excursion with my s.i.l. and mom. i am wearing the noonday entwined bracelet cuff and the earrings i have on are the gold cubed studs and the laura earrings.

what did you wear for thanksgiving? did we give you any inspiration for your day?

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