I still try to be a photographer ***sometimes***

i know that at one time or another i have chatted with you about how i gave up photography but still do a little bit of it. i really do love it still especially when it’s for people that i love. i don’t broadcast my photography thing but when friends and family are looking there is nothing i love more than to offer my services.

the same was when our sweet friends were looking for some christmas photos for cards. she mentioned that her brother was going to do some for them but we came to the week of thanksgiving and she mentioned they hadn’t been able to connect and would i still be interested in doing them?

of course!

so we did them the sunday after thanksgiving:

the millers 2015_3

the millers 2015_16

the millers 2015_18

the millers 2015_22

the millers 2015_23

the millers 2015_28

the millers 2015_36

the millers 2015_46

the millers 2015_48

the millers 2015_54

the millers

aren’t they just beautiful people? i just love them. they are such fun and such a blessing to our family.

p.s. be on the lookout during december for the #warmandcoztea sign up to open!!!

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