Dressember Weekly Recap 2

made it through two weeks of dressember already! wow. that went fast.

it has actually been a lot easier to get dressed in a dress every day than i thought. i really love it. it’s been fun to create new things with my closet and be more adventurous than i normally am.

here is week 2 for you to take a look at. beginning on last saturday:

Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:

the creative jayne dressember 7

Day 8:

the creative jayne dressember 5

Day 9:

the creative jayne dressember 9

Day 10:

the creative jayne dressember 10

Day 11:

the creative jayne dressember 11_1

and that’s a wrap! stay tuned for more. connect with me on instagram to see everything day to day and find out what each of the pieces are. you can look up #31daysofdressingforfreedom to see my outfits and shelby’s outfits all in one spot!!!

there is still time to donate to dressember by going here to our fundraising page.

31 days of dressing for freedom profile


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