a christmas eve gift box

early on in our years of marriage (our second one to be precise) we decided that we wanted to keep our christmases simple.

the creative jayne christmas eve box tradition

we love gift giving, we love our kids and we love bestowing gifts on them but at this time of year it is so easy to be swept away in the gifts and to completely forgo the depths of christmas.

from the deepest part of our parent hearts we want our kids to know first and foremost that christmas is for GIVING and NOT receiving – while receiving is a pleasure for sure, it is better to give. we don’t do santa and we don’t do a lot of gifts.

we do stockings, the 4-gifts idea AND a christmas eve box!

our christmas eve boxes consist of cozy somethings-or-others for each of us, wool socks for daddy, cozy jammy pants for mama, fuzzy footy jammies for the tiny humans or what ever. we also include a festive movie and some fun snackies.

after daddy gets home from work or we get home from in-law’s, whichever the year presents, we will collect ourselves, calm our children, sit down in the living room, read our last day of advent, talk about the christmas story and open our box!

this year our holiday movie is Shaun the Sheep’s we wish ewe a merry christmas:


disclaimer: i have not previewed this movie but shaun is very kid friendly and i am pretty cautious of what my kids watch for the most part.

husband and i are probably more excited than the kids because they don’t remember that this is coming! ha!

if you need some ideas of places for cozies here are a couple of ethical places to shop from:

Mitscoots Socks

Sudara Goods (jammies)

Krochet Kids intl. (cozy knits)

and there you go! do you have any christmas eve traditions?

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