family advent idea

i remember kind of doing advent as a kid.

mostly i remember beginning and never finishing but we had those chinsey calendars with old chocolates behind the windows or the little window boards with just text behind the little doors.

i have wanted to do it with my kids, i want them to understand it and i feel like it helps to keep our focus correctly.

i created this board last year and we have yet to use it:

the creative jayne advent idea

but as soon as the kids get old enough to help out more with them we will for sure use it.

i filled each card with an act of kindness or a family togetherness activity.

the other thing that i found is the Life Song for Orphans advent calendar. you go through advent reading and praying and collecting money to send to the orphans and foster children. each day has a different challenge like “give a dollar for every coat in your house.”

i love that there really is so much we can do through the course of december to really focus on giving and deeper love than getting gifts and material things.

this year since the kids aren’t QUITE ready for all of the acts of love we are simply cuddling up each night and reading Ann Voskamp’s Unwrapping the Greatest Gift a Family Celebration of Christmas. it has been such a special time with the kids reading truth and asking Bennett the questions. he is right at the age where he is ready to begin thinking deeper about questions asked in books.

what do you do to make advent special?

One thought on “family advent idea

  1. shelbylclarke says:

    Great way to teach advent to your kiddos. We didn’t do advent as a kid, our Methodist church didn’t explain it to us very well, it may have been to liturgical? Anyways, since discovering advent I do a bible study during advent, the first one I ever did was so meaningful and since then find new joy in this time of the year.


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