Wear it Wednesday | Volume 24: Favorite Holiday Pajamas

what you wear to open presents on christmas morning says a lot about you as a person…

i’m just kidding. it has nothing to do with what you are or who you are but the comment caught your attention didn’t it?! i have to admit, i’m not really a pajamas kind of person. i actually think it’s silly to spend a bunch of money on something you never walk out of the house in. why pay so much to look so cute and then you wake up to something like this:

file file (1)


anyways. i’m not going to lie, it is so fun to look at all of the festive jammies that people sport in their holiday cards and all over pinterest so shelby and i thought it would be loads of fun to do a post with some ideas for you so you can get this kind of a reaction from your hubby:

hey girl, you look like hot chocolate on christmas morning - jammie post by the creative jayne

– you’re welcome –

all of the pieces are $50 or less, you can click the pics and be taken to links to the pieces if you are interested in purchasing them for yourselves. i am not an affiliate of any of them (except noonday) so i don’t get anything for your clicks, just pride that i had a good idea…haha!

first things first, if you peeked in our window on christmas morning you’d see me in something like this…a comfy pair of jama shorts, a sweatshirt and some funky slippers. these are much cuter than anything i have though…



here’s another one for ya…also something you could catch me in, my hubby’s sweats, a cutesy sweater and cozy slippers…



this one is a little daring but OH SO FESTIVE!!! mixing a couple of different reds, decking out in reindeer, the only thing that would make this one any more festive would be a green scarf, a mug of cocoa topped with marshmallows and some cozy arm warmers!!!


i am DYING to get this outfit…we have decided to do a christmas eve box for each of our kiddos (they have an unusual obsession with jammies and movies so it was an easy choice of tradition) so this may be what mom gets in her box this year… 😉


this one is another rather unconventional but much closer to something you’d spy me wearing on christmas morning…a cozy over-sized sweater (possibly my hub’s), a tank top and comfy shorts, some unconventional slippers and a big ole cozy blanket scarf to top it off.


what do you think? which outfit is your favorite? what do you usually wear on christmas morning?

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