things i’ve said to my kids by Nathan Ripperger

“stop riding the christmas tree like a horse, please??”

seriously, my husband read the whole thing out loud and we were ALL rolling with laughter. it was so fun. the illustrations are just as fun and funny as the book itself. i think any parent of any kids can relate to this book and it is just so lighthearted.

it would make the perfect shower gift for a first time parent, kind of ease them into what they can expect in the coming years! i absolutely loved this book, it is just so cute, colorful and lighthearted.


this book would make the perfect christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the young parents in your life! you can go here to purchase it from penguin house publishing or here to get it on amazon!

a few of our favorite quotes from this book are:

“we do not throw tuna at spiders.”

“don’t drive your monster truck on the rabbit.”

“chicken wings are not laundry.”

“please don’t eat the goldfish crackers you’ve put in your butt.”

I’ll kindly leave you with that thought… 🙂

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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