When the TV babysits

Yea, I let the TV babysit my kids. My house is so loud otherwise. Sometimes I just need a break and I need to occupy the kids so I can at least shower.

TV can be a scary thing when you are trying to protect your children’s innocence; there is so much gross stuff out there and at such a young, pliable stage, things they hear, see and watch does influence them in a big way.

Because I care about my kids AND yours (!!!) here are a few great, clean, honest TV shows that you can have confidence in turning on and walking away from so maybe you can get a half hour to yourself!


Daniel Tiger is a spin-off of the old, classic show, Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood! He is so sweet, he and his neighborhood friends play together, learn lessons, obey their parents and respect them.


Yep, good ole George! With a TV show, three movies and a bundle of books George can occupy for HOURS!!! This curious little monkey has a huge heart, learns about life and shows us how to live big.


Shaun the Sheep. Similar to Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep loves his farmer, leads a heard of mischievous sheep and is best friends with Bitzer, the sheep dog. With no words, the farmer mumbles and exclaims with his hands and facial features. They learn lessons, love big and are genuinely a funny show of friends!


Timmy time is a spin-off of the previously mentioned, Shaun the Sheep. Being Shaun’s little brother, Timmy heads off to preschool and learns along side of all his little friends. With no words again, Timmy learns lessons, some the hard way, some the easy way but always with a good heart.


And the never-failing Winnie the Pooh. His sweet demeanor and love for his friends is an always winning show. How can you go wrong with a bear that loves honey?!

Are any of these your favorites? They are all ones that I, myself enjoy sitting down and watching with the boys.

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