Ways to Stay Fresh in January

We all know the statistic, 8% of people are actually successful in their resolutions,

Shelby and I chatted a little bit about our style resolutions last week on Wear it Wednesday and social media is completely saturated with resolutions and ways to keep up and start anew.

All of that is great and wonderful but it is completely exhausting at the same time!

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

photo courtesy of unsplash.com

To be completely honest, I am one of the 92% that loses track of my resolutions, if I even make them at all. I get overwhelmed and I fall short and then I give up in a hurry. I have trouble giving up. If things get hard in any way, I give up.

So today I wanted to talk about a few things that I am going to begin this year to stay sharp and fresh with my “resolutions.”

I didn’t really set resolutions per se, I more choose a couple of goals to strive towards. I want to set realistic things to do that I can really attain. Here are my goals:

Eat healthier – smaller portions, more water and cleaner foods

Work out – beginning with 2x a week

Read more – 2 books per month even if it’s a Bible study book

Be more active with my kids – books at bedtime, play a family game, make a craft project, etc.

Keep up on my household tasks – make a schedule and stick to it

So those are my goals. They are all things that I can work up to in order to attain. They don’t have to begin right this instant, I can start slowly and by the end of each month I can reassess where I am at.

How am I going to stay fresh and sharp on them?

ways to stay fresh in january by the creative jayne

  1. Take a break. 
    give yourself some time off of social media. unplug for a while and give yourself some inner focus whether that be quiet time with Jesus, some working out, reading, what have you.
  2. Make a plan each Sunday.
    meal plan, workout plan, overall game plan, whatever it is, take Sunday and make a plan!
  3. Find ways to make things fun!
    do it with a friend, make some type of reward system for yourself, find new and exciting things to try with your goals.
  4. Get others involved.
    ask a friend for accountability, find a mentor, do things as a group, make a routine of connecting with a friend once a week to go over your goals, create a special Instagram page for whatever your goal is, facebook page, whatever your handle is.
  5. Make a general schedule.
    on your Sunday, take a look at what your goals are and plan out how you will  accomplish them. use a good planner or notebook to map things out for yourself.
  6. Use social media to your advantage.
    like previously mentioned, one way of doing so is to create a special page for your goal whether that’s fitness, eating healthier or sharing what you read, you can also create pinboards to find new ways to do things or better ideas to mix things up a bit.
  7. Make time for yourself.
    you already have your sunday set aside to do some planning, but make sure you make some time for yourself too. plan a girl’s night, sneak away to a coffee shop for a few hours, get up a couple hours before the rest of the house, somehow give yourself a little time beyond your planning to refresh yourself.
  8. Prioritize!!!
    make sure that you know what your priorities are. make a list of your top ones and work your way down from there. once you know what is really important to yourself it will be easier to strive forward for it.

Do you do any of these? How have you been successful in your past resolutions and how do you plan on succeeding this year?

5 thoughts on “Ways to Stay Fresh in January

  1. Steven Dooey says:

    Hey, great goals! I think #5 is something people often don’t do, but I think have a schedule can really help slot in all the steps to making goals reality. Thanks for sharing and all the best!


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