My Health Goals for 2016

On Monday, I touched on my goal for better health this year, I thought I would share a little more in depth and specifically on that today.

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I know that I have talked a lot of my weight here off and on, especially since I am in the fashion industry with Noonday and do frequent fashion posts on Wenesdays.

It’s a serious flaw in myself and something that I struggle with mightily. I think a lot of things go back to a life-changing experience that I had in high school.

It began with a boyfriend that I had and lost my identity intoΒ and from there the girls started in and so on. I always had a lot of confidence in my appearance and was sure of the way that I looked. I liked to “modestly flaunt” myself, if that’s a thing. But, when I lost my identity, I lost my sense of worth, my interest in taking care of myself and ultimately just let myself go.

When baby number one came along I watched what I ate but I didn’t work out, I drank at least 4 orange pops a day (lovely things to crave when you’re pregnant) and ultimately didn’t understand the effects that the sodium, empty carbohydrates and sugars would have on my body. After Bennett came, I had even less motivation to get up and get moving and all around didn’t care.

So, fast forward to today. I have overall gained at least 70 pounds and just fight to motivate myself enough to lose anything.

I really had gained some momentum the summer I was pregnant with Elliot because the boys and I would take a walk every day to the grocery store and I was eating better and watching my portion sizes.

But then we moved, I didn’t have a friend close, we didn’t have a good place to walk and I was just exhausted from moving and having a new baby and just life itself.

I go up and down so much, I just have to make small changes, a little at a time and make baby steps.

So my health goals for the year:

Eat Healthier:

smaller portions, even if it ends up being 4 mini meals through the day rather than 3 big ones, my family would probably do better with that actually.

more water. I am really bad about drinking enough water and I need to. I am going to do lots of tea the rest of the winter and infused waters over the summer.

eat cleaner, NO pop. that’s a BIG thing for me, I WILL NOT drink ANY pop this year. I would like for our family to eat out less – my husband agrees. I will make better meals, nothing boxed, pre-packaged or sodium saturated.

Work Out:

I don’t work out. I fight it with all of my might. I don’t like it. It’s not fun and it’s lonely. I don’t like working out in front of my kids, the last time I worked out in front of my husband he laughed at me and thought I was ridiculous, so I just quit doing it.

BUT my goal is to work out twice each week to start with. honestly, that’s all the further with this goal that I’ve gotten.


I gave up reading when I got married. It’s harder to do with someone that’s trying to sleep and you’ve got a light on. Also the chaos in my head that has continued to haunt me has kept me from the silence of reading for the last few years. I only recently have been able to endure the quiet long enough to finish a book and I want to begin doing so twice each month. Sometimes it will be accomplished with a Bible study and other times it will be accomplished on my own. Either way, two, each month!

Be More Active With My Kids:

I just want to enjoy them in their stages better. I love them and want them to remember that and look back at their childhood with warm memories of hanging out with mom. I will accomplish this by simply making small gestures through the day. Reading with them at night, doing a simple craft project, or playing a family game. One of these each day.

Keep Up On My Household Tasks:

I just want to do a better job all around. I am going to make myself a cleaning schedule and will try my best to stick to it every day.

These may not all seem like health tasks necessarily but they will be better for not only my physical health but my mental and emotional health as well.

What are your health goals this year?

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