Hosting an After Christmas Trunk Show

Seriously? Asking people to shop and pay money right after Christmas?

how to host a successful after christmas trunk show by the creative jayne

Yep, we still have to do shows even right after Christmas. But guess what? New show bookings.

It might seem silly to host a show right after everyone has just maxed out cards after Christmas but the artisans are still counting on our sales, they don’t stop being vulnerable even right after Christmas.

But you know what, I consider a show a success even if there are no sales if you have gotten at least one booking!

Spreading the word about Noonday and their mission is just as important as the sales that your show gains so if you have even one friend book a show to share with her friends and she gets one show booked and her friend gets one show booked and so on, you can see the chain.

Worth it!

You can create a little extra interest buzz by doing something fun at your show too and not just making it about selling but about the fellowship and the stories.

Twice a year (around the time of the new line launches) I host a VIP show for my hostesses to come and purchase my discontinuing samples at a discounted price! And to honor them for hosting for me and being loyal supporters I try to do something fun that they can take home with them afterwards.

Here is the one that I had last Tuesday (pardon my poor quality photos..):

First up is my buffet. I kept snacks RIDICULOUSLY simple, yet very classy: Dark Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Clusters (Aldi), Dark Chocolate covered Caramels with Sea Salt (Alidi), Caramel Corn drizzled with Greek Yogurt (Aldi), two different kinds of Goat Cheese (honey & garlic/herb) and an assortment of Crackers (Aldi). They are classy finger foods that are easy to craft, look at eat at the same time.



Next up is my sale set up. I still haven’t figured a great way to do this part but I love my displays. I have it all in one spot so people can stand and shop easily and can easily take in everything that I have available. I made little sale tags and on the front have the percentage and on the back I have the original price crossed out, the sale price and the name of the piece so I will remember. If you feel you need some for yourself you can head to my Instagram sale account and get some for yourself!!!


And my crafting ladies:






Here is how their projects turned out:


Aren’t they just sweet. This isn’t all of my hostesses and I remembered the photo AFTER my mother in law left, unfortunately, but it turns out to be such a nice, peaceful, sweet time of fellowship and cherishing the ladies that support me through the year.

Will you host a trunk show and support the artisans?!

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