Creative Jayne

Hey there!
Glad you stopped by. I’m Kayla, the creative Jayne. So, you want to know who is this Creative Jayne and what is she all about?

about the creative jayne


First, here’s what I do:

I tend to do a lot of missions focused work: websites for churches, branding for bloggers, promotional materials for organizations, etc.

I am a Noonday Collection Ambassador

General branding

Art Prints


I am working on developing some canvas totes and some fun coffee mugs

Devotional journals

Casual portrait work

One of my biggest goals with the Creative Jayne is starting a local gathering for creatives in the Twin cities surrounding areas.

I do mom’s ministry at my church


Second, here is my creative history:

As far back as I can remember I have created; from having my own bookmark business when I was little, to developing an email newsletter for the youth group girls to laying out a magazine for teen girls in high school. I love it. I have developed right along with the computer and the internet, haha!

During my Junior/Senior year of high school my parents began encouraging me to look into doing computer work for my college. I took a few classes and got a full time job before I even finished my course. I had previously been working part time at a copy shop and they had been handing me small computer tasks but the new job that I landed was EVERYTHING I could have wanted. I had projects, hands-on and computer tasks.

Then I got married, then baby no. 1 came along and that was the end of my full time work. I’ve done bits and pieces since then which has been perfect for me. We are now on to bebe no. 3 and I am excited about the direction that my Heavenly Father is leading me in.


Lastly, a few tidbits:

I live for fall time. Fall in the midwest is best!!!

I love coffee, I thank my friend Abigail and my hubby for this.

I am married to a wonderful manΒ and we have a tribe of 3 boys.

I love the country. I grew up there and definitely have strong pull to staying here.

I love creating and hand-in-hand, DIY projects.

Designing really gets my adrenaline pumping, especially when I get onto something good or learn something new.

The book of Ruth is my favorite of all books of the Bible. I like the love story and the faith that it reveals.

I peruse Etsy and Pinterest frequently. They are the perfect distraction for a busy mom.

I live for gift giving and hosting parties. We host a regular game night for our friends and I throw a party for most of them for their birthdays.

More often than not, if we bump into each other during the fall and winter you will catch me in jeans and a sweatshirt. Sometimes I get fancy and wear a scarf and boots but usually I’m too warm for that non-sense.

So, that’s me. the Creative Jayne. I look forward to connecting with you and traveling this journey along side you.




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