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the Creative Jayne’s juices often flow the strongest and the fastest for party planning and hosting for friends. Since my love for that kind of thing is so strong I decided to share it with you. I love using Pinterest for parties and have several boards set up for them. Here you will find a collection of my how-to posts and even some deep chats about hospitality:

the Creative Jayne on Pinterest

Birthday Breakfasts
Shared Birthday Party Ideas
Women’s Events

an intro to October’s party planning

a free Party Planner Printable

a free Invitation Printable

How to Plan a Party: where to begin

How to Plan a Party: inviting

How to Plan a Party: menu

How to Plan a Party: decor

How to Plan a Party: games

How to make a 5 year old’s birthday special

Birthday party prep board

Free Kid’s Party Planner

Party Invitation

Game Night Party Plan

Making Hubby’s Birthday Special when he has to work

Planning a Cookie Exchange

Planning a Cookie Exchange: Rules

Planning a Cookie Exchange: Packaging

Planning a Cookie Exchange: Printables

Birthday Party Soup Recipes

Thanksgiving Planner