Tea Exchange 2016

Registration is Open!!!

warm and coztea exchange photo by the creative jayne2

Have fun, get creative, get crafty, whatever your forte is, let your partner see what you are all about and share your love with them through these fun, warm little packages. Don’t forget to hashtag your packages with #warmandcoztea2016!!!

Don’t forget the rules:

1. Obviously, your package MUST include some kind of tea. It is a tea exchange during Hot Tea month. 

2. I am setting a $15-$25 limit (not including postage) on the packages so that no one will feel shorted or ripped off if you pour a lot into a package and get something humble in return.

3. You need to keep your partner a secret. It really is super fun that way. Be sure to connect with me on Instagram and use the hashtag, #warmandcoztea2016 to share your excitement with others and connect with your swap partner!

4. Take heed of this one, this is probably the MOST important one of all, packages MUST be mailed BEFORE JANUARY 31ST to ensure that everyone gets theirs. There is no way for me to keep you accountable other than just being very clear that it is so unfair of you to get a package and never send one. Be sure that when you ship you get a tracking number. They are free if you use the USPS. Get it and watch it.

5. This year I would love if you would donate to Dressember, any amount will do, but as an accountability for sending packages and out of the spirit of the holidays let’s do some good along with gifting!!!

***US residents only please. Shipping rates are pretty wild to go overseas. Thank you!!!

Sign up is open from December 28th through the 31st and I will have partners assigned no later than January 5th. I will contact you via email to let you know who you are partnered with.

Thank you so very much!!!

warm and coztea exchange photo by the creative jayne4

here are a couple of images that you can share on social media to be entered in the giveaway!!!

warm and coztea exchange photo by the creative jayne3 warm and coztea exchange photo by the creative jayne

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